Where are the gardens located? At the corner of Ebert Avenue and Whiting Way in west Coquitlam.
Can I lease more than one garden plot? No.
What is the cost to rent a garden plot? Approximately $50 per year.
I live in New Westminster. Can I still lease a plot in Coquitlam? Yes, but be aware of the distance when your plot needs tending and watering every few days in the summer.
Can I bring in my own soil/fertilizer/manure? Yes, as long as the material is organic and the manure is well composted (over 1 year).
What else is expected of me as a member? We ask each member to attend a three-hour work party once a year to keep the gardens looking nice. We also request each member to attend one of two general meetings per year.
Can I plant a fig tree in my plot? No, no trees as you are leasing the plot. The next person may not want the tree.
Will I get the same plot next year? Yes, or you may move to another available plot if you wish.
If I register for a plot, how/when will I know if I am successful? Sometime in March, after the registration of returning members is complete.
Are there any rules that restrict my use of a garden plot? Please refer to the Society’s Rules and Regulations and the Constitution on this site.