Rules and Regulations


Burquitlam Community Organic Garden Society

Rules and Regulations

Membership and lease of plots

1. Gardeners acknowledge and accept that this is an organic garden. They agree that this means no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers may be used on the site and that substances of uncertain status must be approved by the garden executive committee.

2. Members shall pay annual fees consisting of
a/ a membership fee of $5.00 per calendar year
b/ a plot lease of $0.25 per square ft. per calendar year

3. Gardeners agree to pay the annual plot lease by February 28th. No refunds will be given after April 30th of each year.

4. Plots that have not been renewed by February 28th will be available for rent to members on the waiting list.

5. Only one plot shall be rented to any household. Under certain circumstances and at the discretion of the Executive, a household may be allotted a second plot. Such allocation does not extend beyond December of the year in which it is given.

6. Plots will be assigned to people on the waiting list in order of request.

7. Failure to abide by the strict organic policy means a loss of gardening privileges with no refund of lease.


Operation of plots

1. Plots cannot be used for commercial production.

2. Garden plot holders agree to contribute to the gardens by doing a “task” that would keep the gardens looking good all year long. Tasks range from cutting the lawn for the month of July to attending a 3-hour work party once a year.

3. Gardeners agree to plant their garden in a matter which will optimize the light available to neighbouring gardens and to keep their gardens tidy and free of weeds.

4. Gardeners agree to clean and return tools and hoses to the shed when they are finished using them.

5. Gardeners agree to take home any pots, seedling trays or garbage that is brought onto the site.

6. The maintenance of a neat and tidy condition of pathways bordering each plot is the responsibility of the plot holder. No rubbish, tools, garden waste, building materials, sticks or stones shall be left on the pathways.

7. All plots shall be cleared by December 1st of each year, except for actively growing winter crops or perennials. Plots shall be left in a tidy condition so that the general appearance of the site is not offensive.

8. Plot holders whose plots are not considered to be up to a satisfactory standard of cultivation or whose plots reveal an infringement of these bylaws shall be so notified by the Executive or their delegate and given two weeks to correct the situation. If the situation has not been corrected within the two week period, the Executive may notify the plot holder that his or her lease is cancelled. Such cancellations shall take effect fifteen days following the mailing of the notice of cancellation unless rescinded by the Executive. An explanation of the reasons for cancellation shall be provided. No fees shall be refunded in such cases. In the case of illness or extended holidays, plot holders should arrange for maintenance of the plot.

9. The allotment garden site shall be vacated between sunset and sunrise.

10. No livestock or pets except be brought onto the garden site except seeing-eye dogs and certified assistant dogs.

11. Subject to the Society Act, the Society shall not be responsible for loss, damage, or injury to crops, persons or property within the allotment garden site.

12. Gardeners will refrain from growing crops that are invasive or intrusive to other plots and/or pathways.

13. Members are reminded not to plant in any area outside their plot without approval of the Executive.


Structure Guidelines

1. Structures are limited to beanpoles, pea supports, plant covers, cold frames and fences.

2. Structures must be placed on your plot so they do not shade your neighbours garden.

3. No permanent structures are allowed with the exception of fences to separate plots, and bird houses authorized by the Executive.

4. Structures must be structurally sound and safe with attention placed to sharp edges, protruding parts and unframed glass.

5. Beanpoles and pea supports are allowed during the growing season. They must be made of natural substance and be removed at the end of the growing season.

6. Cold frames must be removed by the middle of May. They may be 2ft at the highest point and cover no more than 20% of the full size plot.

7. Plant covers must be structurally sound, anchored, windproof, and made of clear UV protected plastic of a durable thickness (5ml) that will not tear easily.

8. Fences separating plots must be of lattice or picket design, be no more than 18 inches high, and be made of natural materials only.

9. Tomato cages are permitted.

10. No bird feeders are allowed on the property.