2016 Garden Registration


Dear garden members and community members,

Welcome to another wonderful year at the garden! All of our registration and payment is online this year and we think the process will be much smoother. Please follow the instructions and fill out only one of the three forms below. Please only fill out the form once – submitting the same form multiple times will not speed up your registration, and may be confusing to our board members.

Do you have an existing garden plot at the garden?
No, I did not have a plot in 2015, but would like to have a garden plot.
Please fill out our waitlist form to get the next available plot at our garden. We will know how many plots are available once registration of our returning members is complete, which will be around the end of February. If we don’t have enough plots available and we aren’t able to assign you a plot this year you are still welcome to become a garden member and/or contribute by attending one of our work parties or helping with a garden task.

Yes, I had a plot in 2015 and attended at least one work party or did an assigned garden task.
I would like to keep the same plot.
Please fill out our registration form by February 22. For your registration to be complete, you must fill out the form, sign up for a work party, and complete payment of your plot and related fees (a PayPal link will be sent once the first two steps are complete).

I would like a larger plot if one is available.
Please fill out our request form for a larger plot. Once registration is complete for members that want the same plot (end of February) we will do a random draw based on the number of larger plots available. You will be notified whether you will receive a larger plot, or the same plot, and will then complete registration as normal.

I have decided I no longer want my garden plot.
Please fill out our keycard return form and a board member will be in touch with you with instructions on how to return your keycard and get your deposit back.


Links to Other Forms:

Reimbursement Request

Work Parties